Franchise Opportunity

If you are thinking about having a good business opportunity with a good business name that had survived tough times previously such as COVID-19, and some other rough times, Le Chateau Chicken will be the right business name to invest your money and the right job for your family.

Le Chateau Chicken is committed to stand next to you from training your team, select locations, choosing the right equipment, and the suitable events, and keep up with the right booking to succeed/

Le Chateau chicken had been in business since 2014,and worked with multi-billion private corporations , and government municipality and big corporations.

Le Chateau Chicken has excellent reputation in the GTA from private booking, events, public relations. Once you are a Le Chateau Chicken Franchisee, you will gain the respectful good-will that help you overcome all business difficulties and challenges. In addition to grant you advantages over other competitors in the food truck'en business.

For further clarification or information, please do not hesitate to contact us through social media, or email :

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